What does it actually take to become successful?

Everyone wants the result but no one really wants to go through the process. Success isn’t something that happens overnight. You need to earn & work for it. You need to be willing to put in the extra hours. You need to be able to resist the urge of lazing around. You need to go that extra mile. Personally speaking I never felt the need of showing my success to others. If you want to become successful just to show it off to people then you’re already on the wrong track. As long as you are extremely devoted and passionate in what you are doing you are already successful. Don’t let other people define ‘success’ for you. Go where your passion lies and success will inevitably follow you.

Your surroundings matter.

How often do you sit back and reflect on the kind of people you hang out with? Are they fuelling your growth? Do they bring the best out of you? Do they push you towards making that extra step in achieving your dream? Do they encourage you in following your heart? Well if they answer isn’t yes for most of them then maybe you should consider distancing yourself away from them because now is the time to invest in yourself.

Are we really walking the talk on gender equality?

Gender quality is probably one of the most hot topics of all times. We all like talking about it but are we putting those talks into actions? How many of us still think that because I’m a female I cannot raise my voice. Just because I’m a female I cannot express myself freely. It’s not about getting into an argument about what males should do & females should do but it’s about recognising that we are as human as the males. We should allow those progressive changes to bring a positive impact in our lives.